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A Message from Barney Joy

God tells us in Hebrews 10:25 to encourage one another and that includes our pastor. The following ideas are taken from a blog, The Exchange by Ed Stetzer, Dated December 30, 2015. The article is "Six Simple Ways to Minister to Ministers" by Ed Stetzer and Chris Martin

How can you encourage Pastor Chris?

  1. Pray specifically for him daily, for wisdom, for courage, for physical strength, for emotional health, and for spiritual wellness.
  2. Write letters to tell him how God convicted you or encouraged you through a message. Tell him that you appreciate him and that you are praying for him.
  3. Serve our church body consistently with willing hands and warm hearts in the nursery, in children's ministry, in the kitchen, or wherever you find your niche.
  4. Give generously to the work of the church. Show appreciation for your pastor by giving generously as an act of worship.
  5. Encourage his family through prayer, notes and acts of kindness.
  6. Speak well of the church body. Do not gossip about wounded saints. 

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