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A Message from our Pastor

Please join me in welcoming Chris Kropf as the new pastor for our congregation. We welcome Chris, his wife Brooke, and their three children to the Fredericksburg area.

In an Israel, My Glory article, entitled “How to Listen to a Sermon” by Mark Johnson, I find information that I think will be helpful to all of us as we welcome a new pastor to our church. Johnson begins his article by asking, “Does your attitude show that you realize your pastor is standing on holy ground?” He then instructs us to:

Listen in awe of God—God is speaking through the pastor.

Listen in awe of God’s Word—Learn more of God’s truth       and be reminded of truths forgotten.

Listen while avoiding distractions—Believing lies and fables will distract from God‘s truth.

Appreciate God’s servant and pray for him.

            Pray that he will be spiritually alert.

            Pray that he will be effective in proclaiming.

            Pray that he will be faithful in his ministry.

I hope to follow those instructions and I encourage you to consider following them as well. How encouraging that will be to Chris as he comes.

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