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A Message from Barney Joy

God tells us in Romans 12:12 to be faithful in prayer. We need to pray for each other and pray specifically for our pastor and elders. We need to do more than say "God bless Charles." The prayer of the apostle Paul in Colossians 1:9-13 provides a pattern that can make our own prayer meaningful and practical . . .the kind of prayer that God loves to hear and answer.
LORD, fill [insert name] with a knowledge of your will.
     May he have your point of view in all things. Keep him from decisions made for self-advantage or according to the perverted standards of this world.

Give him wisdom and spiritual understanding.
     Deliver him from a dependence on the dishonesty and craftiness of man's wisdom, from conceit and pride. Grant to him the wisdom which is from above--pure, teachable, humble.

Grant that he might bring credit to your name and please you in all things.
Enable him for this, not only in his praying and witnessing, but also in the drudgeries of everyday living. May small jobs undertaken, errands run, meals eaten, clothing worn, and all else please you. 

Make him fruitful in good works.
     Keep him from any self-centeredness or work-centeredness that would hinder any acts of kindness, goodness or generosity.

Increase his knowledge of you.
     May he see you clearly in your word, may he fellowship with you in prayer and meditation, may he be so filled with the Spirit of holiness that he may see you in truth.

Strengthen him with all your glorious power--the power that raised Christ from the dead.
     Take his weakness and inability that it might be lost in the ocean depths of your omnipotence.

Teach him patience and longsuffering.
     In all the daily annoyances and frictions, make him patient with the shortcomings and irritating habits of those close to him. Give him longsuffering in the unreasonable upsets, the multitude of interruptions and delays which slow his plans. Grant him patience with himself, with his own faults and weaknesses.

Fill his heart with overflowing love.
     May he see your overruling love and mercy in every circumstance. May he rejoice in opportunities to show forth the patience and meekness that comes from you.

Praise be unto you, O Lord our God. I thank you for your mercy and transforming power in his life. I pray that you would make his deliverance from darkness and sin a practical reality in his daily life. Bring him quickly to conviction and repentance when he falls into sin.

Taken from "Breaking out of the Prayer Mold" by Sarah Gudschinsky

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