Our Missions Philosophy

Our missions philosophy is that we as a Body of Believers are called not only to serve as Lights in the Darkness of our local community, but also to support the spreading of the Good News about God and His only Son our Savior, Jesus Christ, throughout the world.

We have a rich history of supporting Missionary families that are each committed to the goal of spreading the Gospel. Our Missionary families are an extension of our family and we not only support them financially, but also through frequent prayer, correspondence, and conversations. When they have a specific need we often support them. We strive to help them in the great work they are doing. Our Missions Committee meets monthly to pray for and communicate with our Missionaries.

Our Missionaries

Here are some of our Missionaries and how they are serving:


Cari Neff with CEF – Child Evangelism Fellowship in our Region
  • Christmas party clubs scheduled and 2-3 more party openings
  • Location for CYIA training school
  • Churches to sponsor Good News Clubs in Spotsylvania, Unionville, Orange, Gordon-Bourbor, and Lightfoot
  • CEF State Director
  • Increased support for Cari


Paul and Cheryl DeMena – with EFCA in Asia
  • Tent making; church planting and equipping.


Roger and Shelly Ishii – with the Navigators at U. of MD.
  • Ministry to college students and other Navigators.


Ron and Nancy Minton in Ukraine
  • Church planting, Bible college and evangelism.


Mike and Cindy Zello with Teen Challenge
  • Reaching young men and women who are struggling with addictions.


Kim and Jan Cone with EFCA in Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Reaching the Fulani people
  • Praise God for refreshing time with family, adequate health to return to the Fulani and for continuing peace in “our” Gamboula area
  • For peace in the rest of CAR where militia to the North and East continue to loot, burn houses, rape women, torture enemies and kill innocent civilians of all ages and genders.
  • That our many Fulani contacts will believe in our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • May God bless you all during this season.  We thank God for your partnership in bringing the Good News to the Fulani.


Coming Soon:  Missionary Updates

We regularly get updates from our Missionaries. We hope to periodically share some of these with you here.