Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

Good News Club – Hugh Mercer Elementary School

Country of Service – USA

Ministry – Reaching school age children for Christ

Joined GFC’s Family – 2013
Grace Fellowship Church members participate in CEF by supporting Good News Clubs for students from Hugh Mercer Elementary School.  Good News Club is a weekly program for 5-to-12-year-old children featuring a Bible lesson, songs, memory verses, and games. It is the leading ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship.
Current News and Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that schools will open up for after-school programs so GNC can minister to children in person.
  • Pray for the ability to advertise GNC to reach as many children as possible.
  • Pray for churches to sponsor Good News Clubs in Spotsylvania, Unionville, Orange, Gordonsville, Barboursville and Lightfoot.
  • Pray for open hearts for the children to hear the gospel and guard against distraction.
  • Pray for more kids to register for club and for faithful attendance for those who have registered.
  • Pray for unity in heart (and technology) as everyone works remotely to serve the children.
  • Pray for the CEF State Director.
  • Pray for increased support for the Richmond CEF.
      • to re-establish, nurture and grow as many of the 65 Good News Clubs operating prior to the pandemic as possible
      • to establish new sponsoring churches 
      • to add new Local Committee members
      • to hire additional staff