Kim and Jan Cone

Country of Service

After serving in Africa for 34 years, Kim and Jan have relocated to Plymouth, Indiana, performing Bible translation and encouraging African Christians as a member of the Wycliffe Bible Translators’ SIL-CAR team.  

Ministry – Bible translating

Joined GFC’s Family 2010
In 1985, Kim and Jan began a year and a half of language training in France, then deployed to the Democratic Republic of Congo where they worked among the Water People for 10 years, being privileged to see God work in planting many churches.  In 1997, they moved to the Central Africa Republic (CAR) to work among another unreached people group, the Islamic, cattle-herding Fulani. 

They keep in touch with former Fulani contacts, sending an Arabic-scripted, Fulfulde-language, Bible verse each day to enable them to continue to hear the Good News.  Kim is also working on a digital, online, Sango-language-to-English, French, German dictionary and may join a team to proof-read a new Sango-language Bible.   Sango is the common language for all Central Africans.  Jan keeps busy with gardening, grandkids and working part time in an assisted living facility.

Current News and Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for peace in the Central African Republic as it is experiencing a great deal of unrest following the presidential elections. In some instances, the cruelty is beyond imagination.
  • Pray for safety for Christians. A local pastor/evangelist, who is a former Muslim, recently had everything he owned looted.
  • Pray that Christians would shine as bright lights in the darkness.
  • Pray that they would continue to be able to “proclaim Christ with my lips, my life and my making the Scriptures available to Central Africans”.
  • Praise God for 3 new NT Bible translations that were dedicated and distributed in Bangui.
  • Pray for safe travel and wisdom for Kim who has 4 upcoming speaking and preaching engagements.
  • Praise that Jan’s carpal tunnel surgery was successful